Twist a square steel bar

Creating a steel bar that needs to be twisted so I started from a single square that was slightly twisted then stacked one on the other. I like the outcome but is there a better method without hiding and softening the sides to give it a better more realistic look ? I tried hiding and softening and that seems to be somewhat of an option but is there a better method?

Here’s one way. And related.

Now days I would use the Helix tool in the Curve Maker extension which you can get in the Extension Warehouse.

Hey there! You can alternatively try to model your object with the Soap Skin & Bubble plugin. But I believe in the end it’s going to be more or less the same

Soap Skin & Bubble on the Extension Warehouse

If you are feeling lazy.

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Yet another approach using Spirix …

Thanks. This looks the easiest.:wink: