Help me please ! for complex helix shape



Hello all,
New challenge, I would like to create a special spiral shape of steel beams…

I have tools for helix and complex shapes but it does’nt work

thinks for helps !


Passerelle2.skp (176.1 KB)


Something like this?

First, you need to work at a larger scale. I scaled your model up by a factor of 100.

I used Eneroth’s Upright Extruder but you could also do it with Fredo’s Curviloft. I would suggest moving the helical path to the center of the end profiles first.

Since all four are really identical, I made one and then used Rotate?Copy to place the other three.


not exactly…

but i succeeded. One rotation in more per cube . look

thanks !!



You might take a look at Spirix. I used it to make this:

beams.skp (348.2 KB)


oh oh !! Nice ! I Love it