Spiral I Beam

I am attempting to extrude this face profile along the spiral to create a spiral I Beam. However when i use the extrude tool it also rotates it along the spiral. Is there a way for me to create this so it remains on the red axis on the bottom and the green axis at the top?

Helical I Beam.skp (166.6 KB)

Try the plugin (by eneroth) called Upright Extruder.

It works like FollowMe, without twisting the cross section.

From SketchUcation plugin store or the Extension Warehouse.

Upright Extruder, as John suggested, will probably do what you want.

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The FollowMe tool has limitations with non-circular profiles and 3d paths, because it rotates the profile as it goes, as you have found.
There are Extensions to overcome this - look in the EWH for @eneroth3’s ‘Upright Extruder’ tool…
There are some other out there tool…

Thanks for the quick response everyone. it worked perfectly!

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