Follow me warping

File attached: unwanted warp.skp (36.6 KB)
The curve is a 3D Bezier. When I use “follow me”, the shape being extruded rotates around the progression axis.
How could I obtain this figure without the skewing?

You can use a plugin like UprightExtruder…

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Eneroth Upright Extruder — Extension Warehouse

We all know it, but…

Nice catch, Box…
Could you upload that file? I might still be able to use the result you obtained, even if my question still stands.

I don’t understand, nice catch, I’m just using the extension the others mentioned.

Nice catch in the sense that you spotted the undesirable part of the proposed solution before I had time to go get the extension and try it out.

I’m still lost.

Well, at any rate, the “Upright” extension solves one problem while creating another.
The end surface resulting from the extrusion, since it’s parallel to the initial one, isn’t perpendicular to the axis of said extrusion, so that a right-angled cross-section at the created tip is a rectangle, whereas the origin was a square.
Ergo, one end has a thinner profile than the other, although the width remains constant.
Not really a problem for what I’m modelling now, but this is a quandary nonetheless.
Thanks for your time…

Do you want something like that?



Actually, I was going for something more along these lines, so to speak:

The Curviloft tool keeps the reference face increments facing the same way, creating pinch points wherever there are curves, as seen here:

Manually, one can make a component consisting of the shape to be extruded and a perpendicular edge originating at its centre.

Using Show Vertices, the component is replicated along the path. Each iteration is then aligned with the proper segment of the Bezier, in both relevant axes.
Since this can be achieved manually, I was naively hoping that an extension had been developed for the purpose. Follow Me, Upright Extruder and Curviloft all have drawbacks to them. What’s more, this method allows for extrusion to continue seamlessly if needed.
wormything.skp (265.5 KB)

I don’t think changing the question with every post is a good idea and hard to follow for those who try to help…


Looks like you’re burning a lot of calories. But Maybe…


That’d be just the ticket, but this is a hobby of mine.
Profile Builder 3 looks like it’s chock fulla goodies, but it’s a bit steep (Well over $100, in Canada). Granted, it’s a suite of tools, but I was only looking for one of them. Too bad it doesn’t come as a “stand alone”…
Maybe one day.

Thanks for the info.