Follow me function with helix

I am trying to have rectangular shape follow a helical path from the sketch up toolbar. When the path (helix) is selected and I attempt to have shape follow, it reverts to the follow me symbol. Comments anyone?

Is the helix path surrounded by a blue box when you select it? This means it is inside a group,
You can either explode it , or Cut the rectangle, edit the helix group, select the curve, choose follow me tool and paste the rectangle in place, click on the face
You might wanna check ‘upright extruder’ from Eneroth3 in the extension warehouse

Try this (if it’s any different from what you have been doing).

First, make sure the helix is continuous and all connected.

Select all its edges (triple click it).

Select the FollowMe tool, and use it to click on the face.

If that doesn’t work, upload the SKP file so someone can have a look.

Thanks for reply John…tried it but does yield result I am after.

I want to draw a helical spring having a rectangular cross section perpendicular to the vertical axis of the helix. At any point along the face of the helix, it remains 90 deg to it.


Uh, when a Follow Me path is not planar - like a helix is definitely not planar - the normal will keep changing along the extrusion path. The extrusion will twist

Try extensions Follow Me and Keep and Eneroth Upright Extruder. Model path needs to oriented so that the blue axis is up.

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