Follow me is rotating my shape


Hey! Im relatively new to Sketchup, been at it for about a month or so.

I am currently trying to make a lattice egg crown, just as an exercise to expand my sketchup knowledge. I can make the lattice line form around my shape, however I am having trouble getting the lattice to face outwards the entire route. I used follow me with a thin rectangular shape and while it starts with the wide side facing outwards, as it gets to the top it begins to turn inwards. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep it facing outward? I have attached an image below of the issue.

Lattice Shape.pdf (368.3 KB)

I figure the actually line just spins 90° as it reaches the top which adjusts the face of the follow me shape.

Thank you!


This is a known aspect of how the built-in followme tool works. When the extrusion path makes a 3D compound curve, the profile shape twists as it goes along the path. To avoid this problem, I use eneroth’s upright extruder extension (search the Extension Warehouse).


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