Twin motion pros, your thoughts?

I’m starting to adopt the SketchUp > Twinmotion workflow.

I thought I might share one of my first renders for some feedback.


Looks good, you’ve got some very red sunset light going which is not in the overhead clouds. And someone needs to mow that lawn!


Looks nice. But get that grass off your drip lines! And keep that truck off the lawn ;^)!

The level of detail is enough that you might add drip edge. The brightness of the white could be turned down a notch to give a tad more detail to the door panels.

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Did you rendered it using path tracer?

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No, just the real time.

Nice image. Some ideas that come to mind- long list;

  • Maybe add a path / pavement leading to the garage and front door?
  • Also some variation in the grass would be nice.
  • The clouds in the sky suggest an almost overcast day but the sun is very bright and warm.
  • Maybe add some irregularities on the surfaces using decals (library-objects-decals).
  • Finally, you could maybe copy-paste some stuff from the Twinmotion Lakehouse example project?

Boy I was having a lot of trouble with the white being blown out. Is that fixed by just turning down the material’s luminosity?

The siding was originally actual geometry, but it was so bright it just looked flat.

I always add a boulder or two :smile:


Dunno how to fix it in Twin Motion. Just mentioning my impression that it’s on the light side. I was looking at that siding too. The shading of the ‘Dutch lap’ looks a bit dark under the porch and then very light beneath/lower - that lower trim board is almost invisible.

Another nit pick is that the garage door looks 2x4ish. Narrower with seams?

It would look a little better to my eye if the architectural shingles could be beefed up and show a touch of drip edge. Also, usually I don’t think of vents as looking great but the absence seems noticeable.

Cedar under the porch? Light fixtures for garage and entry?

It looks like a pretty good start though :slight_smile: