Finished a render with SU and twinmotion

I am not soo keen on interiors perhaps becuase I do not get the best results. However my GPU is not up to Twinmotion 2023 so I cant use decals and fog. Antway I did an interior based on a composition I saw by Matt interiors. the lighting is subtle but quite difficult to acheive


Those results are great, I’d be proud if I did that!

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Thanks so much mate, the lighting was a bit tricky :+1:

What additional lighting have you got placed?

The herringbone in the floor is creating a strange optical issue, looks wavy.
And bit of tiling going on in the wood textures is distracting.

Apart from a low sun diffused HDRI 2x area lights One outside the window and another very low powered one to add light to the top alcove as it was a bit dark

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True I will have a look at that

I’m also finding quite a clash between the different wood textures.

Maybe it’s a printed laminate or something :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can see repetition, then yes.

I did use the reply button :person_shrugging:

Wood laminates are more often than not “Mirrors” due to to manufacture if wood laminates

I’m a Twinmotion user as well. I find lighting to be very tricky sometimes, especially with the Auto Exposure which compensates for darker areas but often blows things out and in general makes the render output not WYSIWYG. I often keep it off but that has it’s own limitations. I’d say this is looking pretty good, it mostly generic diffuse lighting but there are enough shadows and directional light from the window to give it depth. Reflections look good, I say well done. Are you using Path Tracing on this image?

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I think my real life kitchen flooring has maybe 3 variants for the chevron floor and then mirrored versions of those I have some bathroom tiling with a “natural” effect that has about 4 variants.
Very occasionally you’ll spot it - perhaps on a very large easier your brains sees them too - texture maps make that stuff hard to randomize in a meaningful way.

Yes mate path tracing

Happy to post my SU model to see how others would imrove on my render would be a good learing experience or me

Honestly, I think this looks pretty amazing. I’m no expert at all, but if somebody showed me this image with no context I would have assumed it was an actual photograph.


Thanks mate::wink:

Have a look maybe google how wood vaneersare produced and you might understand hos mirroring works

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Sorry, I just realised laminate can of course be veneers and mirroring would make sense. I was talking about vinyl laminate type stuff