Twinmotion good for interiors?

Just wondering if anyone uses Twinmotion for interior renderings i.e kitchen design? It seems to be more applicable to exteriors when researching it but I may be wrong.

I make both interior and exterior renderings with it and it is easy to get a good result without spending too much time on it.

Since the 2022 preview came out, you’ll be able to get raytracing (they call it path tracer) which will greatly improve materials & reflections quality. (I see you also have a RTX 3060 that will allow you to turn it on)
the only problem for interior views is that it is sometimes hard to place artificial lights, to my mind

Youtube search:

Thanks Paul. It sounds like a good option for a render virgin so will give it a go.

Thanks for link…

One good thing about Twimotion is that you can get results easily. No real learning curve.
So within the Demo period you can learn a lot and see if it works well -

This is totally different to Vray and others where you need to spend hours learning all the terms and experimenting with settings!

Also note that Twinmotion 2022 has Raytracing (“path tracing”) which will greatly improve interior render quality compared to 2021 & 2020.

Ease of use is important, thanks.

Hi again Paul. I’m getting on well with Twinmotion & I’m very impressed with the functionality… so thanks for the nudge. I think I agree with your remarks re lighting though, it is the most difficult part of the process for me for sure & I still can’t seem to produce consistently accurate or realistically lit scenes when it comes to placing/values etc. The setup of pretty much all other aspects is relatively simple in comparison. I was wondering if this is the same for you & maybe other users in general? Cheers.

Hi Sam, regarding my remarks in last post, is this familiar with you also? Cheers

Yes, as I previously said, I think placing artificial lights sometimes is tricky. But you can still manage to get a good result, combining the different tools (neon material, area lights etc.)
and again, in the new version, with pathtracing, I find it much more realistic.
check out for tutorials about interior renders to see tips about lighting

this one seems to be made for you, as it is a kitchen :

Thanks for that. Path tracing a great addition & gives good results!