Visualisation improvement

can anyone guide me please what do i need to do, to improve my exterior visualisation ?

I recommend talking our courses (free) on SketchUp Campus - Feel free to come back here after with any specific questions you still have.

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You should try enscape and twinmotion, you’ll get great results and the learning curve is easier than with Vray.

Adds materials to all objects. The plane around the house, furniture on the terrace, something above the roof (gazebo?) have no assigned materials. Also turn on denoise for rendering. And plenty of time to try. Twinmotion needs 8Gb VRam to fully exploit its capabilities. The RTX 3060 does not provide this, certainly the mobile version. Set the proper background scale. Now it looks like a dollhouse in the meadow.

I terns of architecture the stairs look to steep, Why are the wall scones on during a daylight render, what is on the roof? furniture needs materials and they look to close to the opening. Is that just an opening or is it meant to be a window?concrete slab material looks the same as the wall material on the right. the quoins on the left and right edges of the building need more details they look flat on the wall. the large plane around the structure needs material. in terms of the rendering, too much noise

Is it another software for 3D drawing?

Those are rendering engines, like vray, enscape works inside sketchup and twinmotion is a rendering software but you can link your model from sketchup and work together.

The stairs look how? Besides, am just a novice, concrete slab is on top as the roof slab, i just download my furnitures from choas cosmos and place them what do you think i should do with them? To windows ofcourse.Should i pull the quoins with push/pull?

Am sorry perhabs i don’t get you well but the rendering engines i knew is CPU, CUDA and RTX…I would love you to break it down for me because am a novice…Thanks

The rise and run of the stairs look to steep to go from the lower slab to the roof. it also needs handrails. the furniture needs color/materials not just stark white. Push/pull the quoins if you do a google search for quoins there are some good images of brick and stone quoins. If you want to go crazy bevel the edges of the quoins. take a look at some of the image sections of the forum to see great renderings.

Indeed appreciated, besides, is it possible i to change nature colour of a furniture that i brought from cosmos?

… why ?

I mean, he is already knee deep in Vray, already producing results and learning, why advise a switch and restarting from 0 on a pair of other softwares ?

I mean, next time someone comes and express their difficulties working with groups and components, should we turn them toward fusion 360 and Blender instead ? :sweat_smile:

Plus, completely honest, the only thing twinmotion has over enscape and vray is the free unlimited trial version. The interface is not very intuitive, and you have to export / bridge your file to it instead of working natively in SU.
I don’t see a reason, appart for price, to use Twinmotion instead of a chaos product like he is doing. And I teach Twinmotion. but for SU, Enscape and Vray are way above.

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