Tweak floor plans by moving walls

I have new at using SU Pro. I have used other CAD systems, but I would like to explore SU and hopefully be able to use it to create floor plans and working Architectural drawings.
I need to create a nominal size of a house (like 62’ x 40’ overall). I need to be able to start floor plan within this overall size — after I have created preliminary walls, i need to be able to move walls slightly to tweak as features are developed. (I am creating exterior walls at 6" thick and interior walls at 4" thick). At this point, i have not found a good way to do this without starting over. I know there must be a simple way to move walls slightly after they are created. Can anyone help me do this----it will be appreciated.

It’s not that difficult to do, but it’s not very intuitive either! The trick is learning how to select the correct geometry and then use the move tool to relocate the wall where you want it. Simply select the geometry of the wall you want to move, and nothing else, use the move tool to slide it over. A couple of tricks that really help do this when the model gets complicated are using the “view/component edit/hide rest of model” command to isolate the wall so you can select the geometry you want without getting something by mistake (which can create some really weird results when you move things.) Create a shortcut for his command, you will start to use it all the time. Using the select tool from left to right only selects geometry that is entirely within the selection box, which is very helpful for selecting the wall you want. Finally, using the arrow keys to select the axis you want to move in can be very helpful as well. Like most things in Sketchup, it’s not that hard once you figure it out, but, as you already know, its not immediately obvious. Hopefully someone with more computer savvy will post a video for you.

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A few additional things to consider:

You should try to keep your walls organized as either components or groups; you may want to establish a variety of wall types of different widths and materials as separate components that can be judiciously applied as needed.

Assign walls to specific layers. This allows you to easily control visibility by toggling the layers on or off,

Employing these approaches gives the opportunity to quickly isolate walls and thereby move them without affecting additional adjacent geometry.

(I want to post a gif or vid to better illustrate my point, but I am posting this from my smartphone and don’t have access to my computer this evening.)

thanks much for your quick reply, i had considered making a component of each wall----questioning what i could do to make things work as the design process proceeds. I have used solid modeling cad software with which each feature was separate on a “tree” and could be individually changed or redefined with a dimensional change, etc. I know i have some work to do to make this work—the SU videos look easy, but i don.t see much about tweaking or modifying things to adjust after you proceed in the process. i will be looking forward to you demo at your convenience.
thanks again

It would help if you upload a model that you are working with so we can show you specifically how to move things.
Talking floorplans when working in a 3d modeller can be confusing.

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