Move a wall

want to move a group formed by a wall and a window in it. this wall i want to move connects with another 2 walls in its both corners. How i must to do to “strech” (like in Autocad cutting the other 2 walls and selecting the whole wall with the window) with the purpose to move the wall with the window? i ve done it with the but pull and push tool (first push outside face of the wall and then pushing inside face of the wall) but i think is not the best solution. can you help me? thank you!!

Can you upload a relevant section of your model? It would make it clearer what you are trying to do, and what grouping is in you model.

You list two inconsistent SU versions. SU Free doesn’t have a year. SU 2020 is the desktop version. If that is what you have, are you still on the trial version, or have you a Pro licence of some sort? Please update your profile and/or say in your next post whether you have and use both.

is trial version

thank you!!

Obtén l’Outlook per a l’Android

Or even a screen shot of what your model looks like can help.

CASA.skp (7.5 MB)

This is the only dimension i can see that’s 1.2m. Is this the wall you want to move - by 0.8m to the left, in the image?

I wouldn’t have called it a corbel myself, and that may not be the piece you want to move?

But if it is, open the door and L shaped wall component for editing, then use a window (Left to Right) selection to pick the parts you want to move. I got it wrong initially, I think.

then Move on green axis (tap the left arrow key to lock the move along green, type 0.8m, then press Enter.

That selection widened the doorway, which you probably didn’t intend. Try a wider selection window, to include the right hand side of the opening. See what is highlighted in blue. That’s what will get moved.

Repeat the move. Type m to select the Move tool, pick the start point (highlighted green as an Endpoint) in the image below.

Do the move as above. To get this:


If you haven’t already, please view the Sketchup Essentials tutorial at

This is a basic operation in SU.

PS. If you want to move the left end wall, but not the doorway, you have to select the outer and inner faces of the wall only. Probably easiest to pick just the face on the inside, then orbit around to see the outer skin of the wall, hold down Shift, then click on that face. With the two faces selected, moving both will pull everything else along.

That would get you this:

Sorry, it was 2,20 (not 1.20 as I said before). Corbel it’s like a “bracket, projection, cantilever” in dictionary (sorry again).
This is the facade i’d like to move forward until 3m long. I’ve tried to do it with all the elements selected at once but i haven’t succeed. I ve to repeat the move tool selecting the facade, the window and the floor separatelly. Is it correct? Thank you.


I used [P]ush/pull and typed 0.8 each time. Then [M]ove and pulled 0.8m on green.

First time trying the animations, hope it works. EDIT: it’s really small. I need to play with this.

Since I don’t have time to figure out the animation to make it larger, I’ll try and explain in words.

*Select the yellow front face [P]ush/pull it out 0.8m.
*Rotate to the inside of that room, select the white face. [P]ush/pull that face 0.8m out.
*Select the floor piece, [P]ush/pull that out 0.8m or just reference to the new extended edge.
*Select the window and [M]ove it out 0.8m.

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That’s what I thought “corbel” meant, but the dimension was wrong.

On phone not computer so can’t edit model.

If wall, floor and window are separate components (as they should be), you need to move or stretch them separately.

@Fredo6 has a plugin which will do them all at once - I think it is FredoScale.

Thank you JoelV. It’s how i did it, but i just wanted to know a faster way. Thank you again!!

Unfortunetly i haven’t got FredoScale :cry: :cry:

Thank you John!!

You can get it (free, with free registration) from SketchUcation Plugin Store (google for that).

You can use it in your trial version of SU 2020

But the web based SU cant use any plugins.

If you are not doing this for commercial purposes you could use the older but still fully functional desktop Sketchup Make 2017.

Ok John, I didn’t know it was free Thank you again!!

Sketchup Make is free too, but ONLY for non-commercial use.

What is Make tool for’
Thank you

You answered your question with your question. Make the parts you want to move either a group or component prior to trying to move it. Just doing this will isolate the group/component from the rest of the model and allow you to move the wall without distorting everything attached to it

Make sure you catch all parts of the wall including the window.

It’s the name of a version of Sketchup, not a tool. It was offered until the 2017 version, free for non-commercial use.

You can download it from here

Be aware that on Windows you should only install it after downloading the .exe installation file, by Right clicking on that file, usually in your Downloads folder, and choosing Run as Administrator. That is NOT the same as being an administrator, or a user with Admin rights.

Or did you mean to write “What is the Move tool for?”