Help moving a window in house model

I’ve been using SketchUp for about 2 weeks, and I’m working on a model of a house. I realized that there was some trim on the sides of the exterior wall that I didn’t include, and now I want to move my window (large one on the left) further to the left. However, when I use the select tool on the window, it also selects elements inside of the house as well as parts of the window perpendicular to it. I’ve been unsuccessful in grouping the window because of this. I tried the long route of selecting all of the elements in the window, but when I do that and proceed to move it, parts of the window frame end up not moving, and then parts of the wall go missing as well. I’ve been looking around on forums and YouTube, but I apparently don’t know the best way to phrase my question so as to find a similar one anywhere. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you can share your model here I’m sure one of us can give you detailed guidance.

Oh, of course!

Reconstruction-102917.skp (261.2 KB)

You need to learn to use components - see the website and search for ‘Basic Components’.

I’ve started the process for you and made components of the large and small window (three instances of the latter, now, and all windows are now easily moveable), column, column base, rail, steps and platform behind the steps, and all the walls…

You had only two groups in your model, And they would have been better with one made into a component, and the other a copy of it.

All the rest is ‘loose geometry’.

Reconstruction-102917 partially components.skp (396.1 KB)

It’s generally better to start with a floor plan, draw rectangles for the walls, then pushpull them up to the proper height and make components as you go.

Otherwise, you get what you found - lots of ‘loose geometry’ which tangles together, and is very difficult or (later) impossible to select and edit sensibly.

At least you have kept your geometry all on Layer0. But you have lots of stray edges, edges broken into many segments that should be a single edge, and other errors.

If you want to control visibility of different pars of your model as it grows, assign Layers to components and groups ONLY, and keep the radio button beside Layer0 in the Layers window ALWAYS checked. Do NOT set any other layer to be the Default layer.

Please view some of the Sketchup Help tutorials.

I feel like the introductory videos didn’t emphasize these things so much. What you’ve said makes much more sense in the context of my model. I’ll look into components and groups more. Thank you so much for your help!

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