Moving a doorway and general question

Greetings. Two part question…
Loving SU but seems I learn 5 steps forward then two steps back. Moment I think I’m rocking along I get a curve ball and step back and realize I screwed something up. But that is learning.

  1. I feel with a little searching I can find any answer and also by playing around figure it out. But there are so many great experts on this forum it seems so easy just to ask. I’ll try to answer my question first by experimenting but at what point is it okay “just to ask”

  2. Here is my real question I feel “I should know” …
    I’m modeling a house addition. It is a group. I d/l’d some doors as components and pulled doorways through the walls for the component door from 3-D warehouse. I need to shift the doorway over a foot. Component so easy but I added door opening and pulled trim all around the three sides of the frame. When I go to move the doorway It’s all “sticky” and gets all distorted and a mess.
    Do I just close up the opening in the wall and just re-doo the new position? Or should I be somehow making sub-groups of the wall opening’s and or trim?

You can hide the “door component” Then open the wall for editing, then select the opening geometry and use the move to to slide it in the direction you wish and enter the distance. Then unhide the hidden door component and move it in the same manner as you did the opening with the move tool.
You could also use the push pull tool to move the opening if you prefer. pushing or pulling the sides of the door opening in the wall in the desired direction while the wall is open for editing.


I tried that but just had a tough time selecting all of the door opening elements. Window select kept grabbing all of my other geometry. What made it messy was I pulled the door trim on both sides. Maybe easier to push it flat again and push/pull it over.

I ended up doing a move>copy the trim face and then pushing it through. Still tedious deleting the old opening. But part of that is me second guessing everything

Thanks again for the help…

I think there must be an easier way but I’d want to see the model before giving advice.

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That would be great because you could also see which apparent other mistakes I’m making. How do I get you the model?


How big is the file? If it’s 3 Mb or less you can upload it to the forum. If you don’t want to make it public, send it by PM by clicking on my name and then Message. If it’s too large, upload it to Dropbox and share the file.

its about 10Mb.
I can upload to Dropbox but how do I share the link with you?

Click on my name and then “Message” and send the link to it in a private message. There’ll be a thing on Dropbox to share the file.

will do. REALLY appreciate your time…

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oops…my first gif

I like it but I think (not sure) because I have whole floor and walls as a group it all get’s picked. but love the demo.!! thanks

I doesn’t matter. The concept of separation of elements and use of hiding and moving is the same.

When there are things behind the foreground they will get selected too if they are in thevselection window. You can use layers for groups and components or the hidden property for edges and faces to prevent them from being included.

thanks got it now…


Thanks I also figured out if I can de-select what I don’t want


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