Moving walls after designing a room/closet

I design for a closet company. We build the designs off of the architectural drawings and add in our closet components. A lot of times these buildings are not even built yet. After the building is done with construction, we send one of our team out to do a field measurement of every room, to ensure that the closets we have designed off the drawings will fit.

So my question is, what is the easiest way to “move” walls after the closet and closet system has been added to the space? I would like to keep the 6" wall thicknesses if possible.

To that point, if closets are similar in size, I would also be able to just adjust the walls if it has the same size of closet components in it. So this would help me out so much!

I’m new to the company and to SketchUp so this may be something super basic.

Thanks in advance!

You might want to start with the courses at the SketchUp Campus:

SketchUp Campus

Your questions depend on how the closets are modeled.

If a wall is a group or component, you can move it with the Move Tool. If the wall members are components, you’d likely be able to use Push-Pull to adjust their sizes to fit.

Try modeling one of these closets. If you run into trouble, upload the model here so people can see what you are doing and ask questions (or vice versa).

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Will do and thank you for the quick response!!

There’s some good pointers on Grouping walls too

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