Blue print to 3D

I took a blueprint house layout and started drawing walls by tracing the .jpg picture. I then discovered that my outside walls were falling short in dimensions. How can I get them to the right dimension without having to draw everything again?

Anything you drawing in SketchUp can be moved using the Move command. Without seeing your model or knowing how much/what you have to move, I would say it is possible to use Move to move your walls, but depending on how much connected geometry there is, it may be easier to start over.

If you post your job and show us the corrections, we may be able to give you a more specific answer.

Here is a link for you. It will give you an idea on how to rescale your imported image before you start drawing. You can use the same method for rescaling what you have drawn already.

I understand the move option but say you have a “U” shape wall I want to
keep the bottom width the same but pull it down to make me verticals
longer, while still keeping the width of the wall the same

Just select both the inside and outside face of the wall, then move them both together.

Aaron thank you I can do and understand what you are showing (real nice
thank you) but I’m still in the flat (not 3D) stage. I traced a wall on my
blue print (I then offset it 6" or 4") now I need to move that top view of
my wall several inches with the attached walls to follow.

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