Tutorial 'Window' options are different than SketchUp 2021 Pro

I’m working through the SketchUp Fundamentals tutorial and am confused because in both the ‘components’ and ‘tags’ videos the drop down options that show up under ‘Window’ aren’t the same in the tutorial as in my version of SketchUp Pro (2021). Specifically, there is no ‘components’ as shown in the tutorial, but there are ‘component options’ and ‘component attributes.’ When I click either of them, the same options don’t show up as in the tutorial. I have the same problem with the ‘Tags’ lesson. There is no way to make a tag visible or invisible as shown in the tutorial. I’m attaching a few screenshots of both my screen from the SketchUp Pro 2021 and the tutorial. It would be great if you could update the tutorial to match the most recent version of SketchUp Pro because I’m feeling quite confused and frustrated trying to learn this. Thank you!

The tutorials are done on Mac and you’re using Windows. There is a tray to contain those panels on Windows but not on Mac. In the Window menu look at Default Tray. The various panels will be listed in there.
Screenshot - 1_26_2022 , 5_56_46 AM

This is in SU2022 and there are a few additional buttons at the top of the Tags panel but otherwise it’s the same.

Thanks so much for your quick response! I see it all now. It makes much more sense!

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