TAGS Dialog Window


I am using SU 2020 on Windows 10 machine.

During Course 9 of SketchUp Fundamentals, the discussion includes a popped-up “tags” dialog window, whereby the instructor is able to toggle on/off existing Tags.

I have been unsuccessful in seeing that dialog window. I presume that the existing Tags for “Untaggstrong texted”, “floor”, “roof” and “wall” are pre-installed in my exercise file; I was able to locate a toolbar for tags.

What must I do to enable viewing the tags dialog window in SketchUp Pro (trial) version 2020?


The Tags panel along with the others will be found in the Default tray on the right side of the screen. Go to Window>Default Tray and select Tags if it’s not already selected. This is a difference in the UI between Windows and Mac.

You can collapse the panels by clicking on their title bars. If you click on the X in the upper right corner of the panel you’ll remove it from the tray.

I assume your screenshot is from the tutorial not your computer, as it shows the Mac GUI not Windows. What @DaveR showed you is correct for Windows. Trays and customizable toolbars are two of the GUI differences between Windows and Mac SketchUp. The tutorial videos don’t always point such things out.

Thank you @DaveR; got it! I had the Default tray unpinned …
There is much that I still do not know about the Default tray. I think the tutorial video course should include a detailed discussion about the Default tray and other features, e.g., Styles and Materials (all of them, actually). I’ll try a GOOGLE search.

I personally prefer to keep the tray pinned open because I’m in and out of it all the time. The tray itself is really quite straightforward. It contains all those panels that on the Mac typically wind up scattered around the county. They can be stacked and placed on one side on the Mac to sort of mimic the tray.

Don’t agonize of the tray too much. The panels in the tray give you control over a variety of things. Poke at them and see what you can see. If you are googling for help, search for things related to the titles of the panels instead of searching for information on the tray itself. Or better, just start a thread and ask your questions.