Where is my TAGS window?

my tags window is supposed to be open but I do not see it.

I have the little hyphen next to it, and when I click on it I get a check mark but no tags window. I have other windows like entity and style but for some reason do not see tags window.

This is a new problem today.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like it is opening off screen. Have you been using multiple displays? Try under the SketchUp menu> Settings>Workspace>Reset Workspace.

Are you still using SketchUp 2021 with Catalina?

Dave, Thanks! you are right. I found it on my other screen. (I wonder how did it got there!)
I am Sonoma 14.5.

Thank you again.

Good deal. Do you have a cat?

Please update your forum profile. It’s clearly out of date.

on mac os, there is a “safe space” on both sides of the dock and outside of the screen. any window that is in the safe space when you close sketchup will be moved somewhere else, because in these spaces you’re not supposed to have anything.

whenever you’re missing a panel on SU the first thing to check is therefore on your next screen, maybe your panel was a pixel outside of the safe zone, and boom.

thank you for your reply.