Tag Window Access Issue with Multiple Monitors

I am having an occasional issue where if I switch from using an external monitor and my MacBook Pro to just using the MacBook Pro, that I can no longer access the top or bottom of the Tag window to resize to be usable on the laptop screen. Plugging back into the external monitor does not solve the issue as the Tag window remains on the laptop screen. Anyone have any suggestions? The only fix I have found is to quit SketchUp and then relaunch. I am using the latest version of SketchUp Pro.


I don’t see a solution that you might use with a regular window, they don’t work on palettes. You could go into the Display settings and change the scale to More Space, then resize the Tags palette.


Thanks for the suggestion Colin but it still didn’t work.

I think the only solution is for me to remember to resize the tags window before unplugging the external monitor.