Sketchup Tag Dialogue

Would like to see more display space for tag name - make bar wider/stretchable to suit different formats and as required. I tend to have tags with specifiic endings which get hidden under current system - anyone else?



Sorry. I meant the ‘tag toolbar’ on screen not in ‘tray’

That is not possible. The full name is displayed when you hover the mouse over it.

But I don’t even recommend using it. The toolbar is for set the current “Tag”. Thats is not a preferred workflow, to change it.

The correct way to use tags is to leave always at Untagged. You create all geometry as untagged and leave it untagged. Create groups and components of collections of geometry and give those objects tags as desired. There is no need to change which tag is active.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 124936

If we are talking about this then yes it will change the current tag but you can also use it the assign a tag to an object without changing the current tag

I also wanted to be able to make this toolbar wider but my workflow doesn’t need it so much now.

That’s true Paul, but there’s a better chance you’ll accidentally change the current Tag (if you “lost” your selection.)
… and you’ll start drawing the next line with wrong Tag… :innocent:

Display is limited to about 15 digits …unless I then move cursor to dialogue box and then the full tag for component is revealed in another display just below - see attached screenshot from old model.
(I am on Windows version of SU Pro).
I accept my workflow/organisation/whatever differs from others and is something I am still developing but the ability to adjust the display to suit individuals needs might be useful.
The modify arrows come up to indicate it can be stretched vert or horiz but they do not seem to respond…it was just a suggestion
Garden Tag Display

Is this just for information so that you know what the object’s tag is?

Yes…I guess so. I am still working on how to organise information in building models. Have made some errors on the way…my process or workflow may be wrong and is still work in progress. It may be OTT or not enough…can depend on project but trying to establish a template as a basis at least.