Columns for Tags in Tray

I use the simple Default tray.
Selecting Tags, the columns displayed are: Tag on or off, Tag Name, Colour, Dashes (all are shown as Default under this) and finally a column that is ticked once to show my current Tag.
How can I remove the ‘Dashes’ column?
(I really don’t know what this is!)
Some tutorials show SU screen shots where this has been done.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated - Jessian

You can’t hide the Dashes column.

Probably a good idea to learn what it is. Start with

Actually I’d bet your looking at tutorials that were created in a version of SketchUp before the dash feature was added.

And Untagged should ALWAYS be the active tag.

David, Many thanks and so fast!
I try to use every mm of screen width using SU so hoped I could reduce the width required for the Tray tags. Will live with it and read your suggestion. Thanks again.

The tray can only be so narrow anyway. Changing the columns displayed in the Tags panel won’t help. If you are modeling correctly you don’t need to see the last column with the pencil icon since it will always be set to Untagged anyhow.

Good point Dave. I think I’m also guilty of making my Tag names too long!
Looking at Pro 2021, I’m keen to use the new feature allowing Tags to be organised into a directory type structure so that groups of lesser used tags can be visible or not. That was a great idea. Thanks again.

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