Fundamentals exercise trouble

I kept up with the fundamentals until the Components portion. The Sketchup Pro 2018 version can not be so outdated that when I try to draw, it shows me complete different options on all teaching items. Is there a way to get a more accurate version of the lessons?

Can you be more specific about what is ‘outdated’ so we can help troubleshoot better?

When the teaching video opens his window page, the options that he has are no where near as many as mine… I have the Sketchup Pro account 2023 and he has (per what the video shows) sketchup pro 2018

Show us a screenshot of what you are referring to.

He’s using Mac, your profile says you are using Windows. The Window menu on Mac has more menu entries that on Windows because on Windows, the inspector panels are combined into the Default Tray. There is no Default Tray on Mac so Entity Info, Components, Styles, etc. are listed individually in the Window menu.
Screenshot - 12_14_2023 , 3_14_32 PM