Cannot find Components Panel - Menus in Windows SU2019 not the same as in tutorials based on SketchUp 2018 (for Mac)

Wonder if I should just use 2018 so I don’t run into these problems??

Pretty lame that all my searching and still cannot find component panel in 2019 to display as shown in tutorial???


What tutorial? If it is on a windows machine, the 2018 version wouldn’t be any different?
Does it pop up in your current version? Do you have more than one screen?

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That screenshot is from a MAC.
You say you are on Windows, in all recent SketchUp versions on Windows [since v2016] - all of the special browser dialogs like ‘Components’ are in a ‘tray’. It’s quite different on a MAC…
The first item in the Window menu dropdown is ‘Default-Tray’
This will open a tray in the dock-able side-bar containing several expandable dialogs - like Components and Entity-Info etc…
You can add/remove entries in that tray using the appropriate menu items below the first one…
PS: Here’s a good explanation…


The Components item don’t show up under Windows drop down menu item as shown in video tutorial?? I assumed this was due to using a different version.

Are there other settings that change menu content?

Thanks, Brian

What video tutorial? If the tutorial you refer to was done on Mac, the user interface looks a little different. In SU2019 on Windows, the Components panel shows up in the Default tray. If it isn’t there, go to Window>Default Tray and select it. If the tray isn’t visible, enable it in the Window menu or if you’ve unpinned it, hover on the tab to make it fly out.