Components Window

Hello! I’m brand new to Sketchup and following through the tutorials to learn it. In the Components tutorial, the narrator shows how to open and use the Component Window, but I can’t find this on my Sketchup application. It looks useful because the window displays the original component as well as any copies of it Does anyone know where I can find this window please?

Those images come from a Mac. Your profile says you are using Windows. Normally Components is displayed in the Default Tray on the right side of the SketchUp screen. If it isn’t, go to Window>Default Tray and select it. The Components panel may be collapsed. Just click on its title bar to scroll it open.

Screenshot - 8_25_2023 , 9_10_07 AM

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Thank you! My default tray was set to “hidden” so I didn’t see it there.

You’re welcome.

Probably a good idea to keep the tray visible. I keep Entity Info open all the time because it is frequently referenced. The other panels are opened and closed often as needed.