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I can’t find a component that’s disappeared off my model in SU Make. I’ve searched everywhere and I keep reading about a component browser. I then, in this forum, found a thread that referred to this link: Trouble is, that clip shows a drop down menu under the Window option that’s completely different from the one I have. Essentially, I have no component option. Does anyone know about this? I need to find that component.

Open the menu’s top item “Default Tray”…
Lots of Browsers are available there - Components, Materials, Layers, Styles etc…

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Well that was quick - and very useful. I thought I’d looked there but you prompted me to look closer. Thank you.

Any idea why the menus are so different? I have the latest version.

Many of the training videos on the web use outdated versions of SketchUp or sometimes the version for the other OS than the one you use. This means you need to explore your version to find the equivalent to what the video shows. In this case, some inspectors were removed from the Window menu when the Windows tray interface was adopted in SU 2017. In most cases the actual Tools or inspectors still function the same or close enough to get the idea.

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