Component window disappears

Hi - my component window has disappeared in Sketchup 2017. I have read every forum on how to fix it but it simply will not reappear making it impossible to use. i have reinstalled SU 3 times, tried different monitors etc but it cannot be fixed… any ideas?

Do you mean the Component inspector in the tray? That can be shown from Window > Default Tray > Components.

Hi Julia

Thanks for the message – it has suddenly popped up again….

I am also trying to calculate volumes – see attached file with a wedge like shape labelled TSF1 TAILS… is there some simple way to do it? I have been told that you have to remove lines etc… I tried
a Plug in called Volume Calculate 2 …an rbz file – couldn’t get it to work…

I see you are from Lund – I used to work for Tetra Pak and spent some great times there – fantastic place – especially in summer!

Best wishes

Tim Graham


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TAILS MINING PLAN REV 8 20190407.skp (1.67 MB)

Lund is a lovely little town, and I’ve officially declared it summer here some weeks ago :smiley: (I don’t care of the hail; it is not cold, just chilly now on).

If you make something a group or component SketchUp shows its volume in Entity Info without using any extension. However, you may need to use ThomThom’s Solid Inspector to assure the group/component actually represents a closed shape with a defined volume.

in the future you can start a new thread when you have a new question on another topic.

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