Turning Pointclouds setups on/off in Sketchup

I have created a scan of a site using a Leica BLK360, loaded it into cloud compare to clean it up, and isolated trees, buildings, ground onto different layers/setups/stations (not sure the name) then exported the file as e57 to import into SketchUp.

When I colorization the point field by “Station Colour”, each individual station that I set up in cloud compare is colored differently.

I was wondering if there is a way to turn off the individual stations, such as turn off the “trees”, but level on “ground” and “buildings”?

Turning On and Off individual stations is currently not possible.

You may export multiple e57 for trees, buildings, ground… When creating your project, you can then import multiple e57 files (just select multiple files with ctrl or shift), they will appear in the “Cloud” section in the Point cloud Manager.


Also, if you have Trimble RealWorks you may create multiple clouds directly in your point cloud project (.rwp).


I just tried loading the multiple e57 into SketchUp and it worked the way I would like it too.

I do not have Realworks but Cloudcompare will allow me to create e57 files for each “layer”.

Thank you.