Only first Point Cloud is being displayed

Hi there

I have a project I need to work on NOW, so I set everything up in December using a trial version.
I imported circa 50 in number e57 files and converted them to a RWP file. The e57 files were exported by a laser scanning company using reCap.

Everything was working great so I purchased the software (Sketchup Studio) following the trial. Despite having the Scan essentials plugin, when I open the RWP file that I created in December, it is only displaying the first e57 file, so only part of the RWP. All cropping has been deleted (I had several set up) and it is very clear to me that only one file is being displayed.

I am using G Drive, but I don’t feel this is the issue and all the paths are the same.

I tried downloading the e57 files onto my desktop and create a new rwp file from scratch. Quite annoying as this is quite a long process but i am now desperate. The frustrating thing is I can no longer select multiple e57 files, just one at a time.

Any ideas? Literally losing my mind here

Hey Anne Marie,

Opening the rwp file should work unless something was deleted.
Could you share your files with us?


Hi, thanks so much for offering to look into this.

Unfortunately I am under NDA and will only be able to share screenshots on a public forum.

I don’t think that explains why I can’t select multiple e57 files when I try to make a new model, I think there might be a bug?

I have emailed in the issue, perhaps it can be resolved via a remote session?

Oh hold on IT IS letting me select multiples files today so am making an rwp on my desktop
Do you think the issue might have been using G Drive?

If you do File → Import from the SketchUp menu you can select and import only one file.
If you use File Open from the Scan Essentials toolbar, you can do a multi-selection.


Yes that is correct, and that’s where I got confused

I believe the issue is related to the location of the rwi folder

Is there any way of relinking the rwi folder to the rwp?

(thanks so much!)

Hi Anne Marie,
RWI and RWP just needs to be at the same location, next to each other (if they have not been renamed in any way). Ans also needs to be on a local drive, not on a remote location.

Ok so there is the issue. The RWI folder is next to the RWP, but both are on Gdrive. Thanks so much.