Sketchup scan essential edit point cloud

it would be nice to remove areas of the points cloud you don 't need

So far quite a lot in this area (segmentation and classification, editing of point clouds) is left for PC processing software, like Trimble RealWorks (which is great!). No doubt that some of this functionality may find it’s way to Scan Essentials, although I would not think it happens quickly.

Thanks for the information
i did’nt know about Trimble RealWorks

you have to apply to know the price
any indication about the price for the starter module?

There is a clipping box option you can use to crop out parts if the cloud you don’t want to see. You can’t do anything more granular than that however

It really depends on where your scans come from and what is an overall workflow. If RealWorks can be part of it - great, can be quite easy. But if not - possibly an overkill just for segmentation and point cloud clean up.

in terms of costs - I suppose it may depends on geography and your local resellers, plus what level of subscription you really need.

The software I use called Scene can do that, but it came with a Faro scanner and its a pretty expensive standalone purchase.

The functionality is amazing though. I often clip lots of unwanted data from a raw point cloud to leave the exact point cloud I need before exporting it.

On top of that I often slice and dice the clipped cloud to further remove specific geometry which I know will make modelling easier later on in SketchUp, so I may have various versions of the cloud to import.

I then use the Undet extension to import those clouds as it can process multiple clouds into a single file which all share the same coordinates so you can the turn any of them on and off while you model in SketchUp.