Status of Trimble Scan Explorer


I am potentially interested in the Trimble Scan Explorer extension for SketchUp Pro (used to import point clouds into SketchUp).

I have downloaded and installed it and it now (v seems to run in Sketchup Pro 2016 for Windows. (There have been comments in the Extension Warehouse about it not being available for some flavours of Sketchup.)

There doesn’t seem to be any obvious information about pricing. Perhaps it is a free extension (in which case, I’d be very pleasantly surprised). The extension’s help system links to text that seems to have been copied from Trimble RealWorks. This documentation talks about HASP hardware keys (i.e. dongles) but I’m not sure if this has been lifted in error from the RealWorks product.

So, does anyone have any clear information about the pricing and licencing of the Trimble Scan Explorer extension?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Gary,

Currently The Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro is a free extension. The only limitations are that SketchUp Pro are required and the extension will only work with Trimble RealWorks projects. The extension does not however bring point clouds into SketchUp Pro but extracts points and features from point cloud data using the 2.5D view of Trimble Scan Explorer. The video on the download page gives good examples of how the extension can be used.


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Belated thanks for the reply. I hadn’t realised the extension only worked with RealWorks projects. That explains why the extension can be currently free. Thanks again.

I am a great fan of Trimble scan explorer. I hope it will be improved someday. First it could be updated for Sketchup pro 2019. When you have a big screen which allows you to visualize the sketchup window and the Trimble scan explorer window you can build your 3d model easily. You have to use all the sketchup plugin available like: trim extend, projection, bubble soap, etc. All the plugins which help manipulate planes. I was able to modelized very complex building with vaults in an old city…software which recognize automatically geometrical forms are very expensive…you are requested to find methods to replace these software using these plugins…
best regards

Looks like Trimble gave up on this. Shame, as there is definitely a good potential for Laser Scanning in SketchUp workflow.