Trimble scan explorer versus Trimble scan essentials

I have been using Trimble Scan Explorer for years and I have experimented Undet and Trimble Scan Essentials also. I own a 3d scanner to survey existing building and produce e57 “structured files” . There is no better plugin for modeling architectural model than TRIMPLE SCAN EXPLORER. It is simple, based on the use of plenty of other Sketchup plugins which are making Sketchup like " a swiss knife". Trimble scan explorer is simple, based on 360° image, with basic tools (point, lines, plane, etc) that you can use to make non planar surface with “Bubble Soap” plugin for exemple or planes with “best fit plane” from 1001 tools plugin or pipes with “3dkeng” . These additional plugin are making the job if you are a skilled SKETCHUP user like most of SKETCHUP users are… I would like to convince TRIMPLE to commercialized TRIMPLE SCAN EXPLORER the same price as TRIMBLE SCAN ESSENTIALS for the benefit of TRIMBLE and the SKETCHUP community. If you think that this is a good idea please let me know to promote the idea for the benefit of our community and TRIMBLE.
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Hi Piere,

Did you try Undet Browser with Undet? You can browse structured e57 files in it. Undet Browser will help you manipulate point cloud slices using 360° scan images. And also, you can draw points in SketchUp. Undet Browser webinarr - Undet Browser for SketchUp | webinar - YouTube

I once thought of integrating the recognition of planes, corners, and lines in Undet Browser to transfer them to SketchUp. But it turned out that it is not productive, especially when the object is more complex. When the object is simple, it can quickly be done in 3D space using point clouds.

And what did you find most challenging about working with 3D point clouds? Find the necessary information, or make a slice? Is it just not convenient to use SU tools for modelling? As I continue to communicate, I notice that some customers struggle to set the initial modelling axes for modelling correctly. Then they model with non-parallel, vertical planes, and later, it isn’t easy to fix everything.


I have already tried your UNDET plugin for Sketchup when It costed 50€ / month (two or three years ago)

At this time your plugin did not include features like 360° images. The problem with your plugin, which has the great advantage to be an alternative to Trimble scan explorer of more recently Trimble scan essentials , is that in order to modelize a 3D architectural model you have to analyze the point cloud on your computer screen to understand what kind of architectural element is present an how to modelized ( walls, cornices, details, etc.) . With Trimble scan explorer ( especially when you were not present on the actual spot where the scan has been done…) are looking at 3D image where you can zoom and move around quickly and understand immediately what kind of architectural element you want to represent. You are not looking at point cloud where points from behind are mixed with points from the front…And if you are and expert in using SKETCHUP you can use all kind of plugin to represent non planar surfaces or volumes… I agree that it becomes a problem if you want to use Boolean plugin because you need perfect volumes and not planes……I have modelized very complicated architecture in the middle East with vaults and non planar walls very successfully ….

I plan to use your plugin especially because of your new 360 images, and because it looks like Trimble scan explorer… and then I will give you my impressions

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Pierre Bonnet

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