Problems with 3D model from Trimble Real Works to Sketchup Pro



So, this is our problem.
We have a 3D model made in Trimble Real Works version 10.4, and when we use the Sketchup Icon in TRW to transfer the model to Sketchup (2016 or 2018), the “new” model is all distorted and misses a lot of information.
Any thoughts?
Plase Help!!!..THANKS!


Have you asked your question on the Trimble forum? If not, it would be good to ask there, too.


Yes, waiting for their reply as well.


I’ve got the same issue. There are not many workflows around showing user cases for transferring point cloud data from Realworks to Sketchup… I am guessing only a handful of people can afford the Laser scanning hardware and Realworks. Hope this gets better overtime with Sketchup being a Trimble product. Have not seen anything new since they joined forces.


I’ve pinged a couple of folks, we’ll see if they respond.


Thanks @Barry for bringing me into this. @eduaba What specific function are you using within Trimble Scan Explorer to convert the point cloud data to SketchUp? I had the best success with the “line” tool that then creates a construction line within SketchUp to inference geometry off of. The “point extraction” sometimes was helpful too. This workflow is tedious though especially if you’re looking to get an accurate model. I also never have much success with the surface extraction tools.

If you have the ability to invest more into this project, there is a 3rd party option out there. I would recommend Undet for SketchUp which will bring the point cloud directly into SketchUp as a 3D image of sorts that can be “traced” over. With Undet I was able to capture the natural quirks and bends of 300 year old structures. Something that would be almost impossible with Scan Explorer.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything close to a file>export for this process unless your okay with your end product being a mesh. Then there’s other software that can patch the points together.

As a side note: Undet won’t accept .TZF or .RWP files directly from Trimble Real Works. I’ve had the best success exporting the scans to .LAS files then bringing those into the Undet extension. Which is a CPU intensive process.


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