Total Station / Point Cloud data import into SketchUp

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Total Station / Point Cloud data import into SketchUp deserves it’s own topic thread:

Might any of these help ? (Anyone, add any reviews / tips / tricks / pitfalls, etc. below please.)

EW search on “Point Cloud Importers

Trimble Field Solutions EW Storepage

Trimble Scan Explorer Extension - by Jason H.

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Hi Dan,
Our surveyors use them. A quick read of the comments for both of your suggested extensions reveals some of the frustrations users are having - it’s early days with this tech so we will hope things get smoother in future.

Sketchup isn’t able to handle large point clouds, 360deg photos, etc, directly which is my frustration. Some features would be easy to add - a watermark image that recognises stiched panoramas or domes/environment maps (hrdi/exr even). Also import/export to sketchup breaks or loses geometry & metadata… Shp and mxd files arent recognised…the list goes on.

I guess it comes down to what we expect Sketchup to be able to do. Modelling of larger civil & architectural projects may not be within the scope of Sketchup. I’m not quite sure which direction things will be heading in future - more professional workflows, or keeping it fun to use for newbies?

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