Importing Trimble data

Hi, I am new to Sketchup and will be using it to design a house. I have some topology survey data in the form of a .csv file which I would like to import into Sketchup to give me a plot topology to work from. Does anyone know how to import the data?
Sample of .CSV

PEG01.001 99.997 523.591 100 DAT
BDY.002 100.573 492.646 96.959 LL +
BDY.003 100.595 499.117 97.75 LL
BDY.004 100.675 504.462 98.266 LL
BDY.005 100.424 510.393 98.773 LL
BDY.023 86.742 503.499 96.722 LL
BDY.024 89.604 499.806 96.419 LL
BDY.025 93.105 497.91 96.787 LL
BDY.026 99.381 494.028 97.069 LL -
LEV.001 99.169 500.685 97.651 SL
LEV.002 96.277 501.206 97.214 SL
LEV.003 93.388 501.612 96.701 SL
LEV.030 91.607 507.515 97.118 SL
LEV.031 101.25 510.115 99.803 SL
LEV.032 101.232 500.611 98.799 SL
LEV.033 101.002 515.368 100.231 SL
LEV.034 100.832 515.283 100.205 SL
LEV.035 100.831 515.282 100.205 SL
LEV.036 101.006 520.646 100.68 SL


Hi Gavin

There are multiple ways to get your points into SketchUp. For the most part, you will need to install an extension for SketchUp. Here are a few depending on your need.

PointGadget2 from the Extension Warehouse

Trimble Field Points for SketchUp 2019+ from the Extension Warehouse

Cloud from the SketchUcation PluginStore

In the attached gif, I am bringing in your sample data with the PointGadget2 extension. Note that I had to reformat the data in a spreadsheet in order to create a usable csv.
After the import, I modify the imported point marker symbols in order to create a terrain. If terrain generation is your end goal, be aware that there are alternate methods to create the terrain as well.


I hope this helps


Interesting to see how easily this is done.

Is this actually specifically Trimble data per the title?

Good to see a SU Team Member using a Mac!

Hi ChrisD, brilliant, thank you, I will try this tomorrow. I have more data points but omitted some in the post hence the gaps in the BDY and LEV number sequence. Thanks again, Gavin.

Great… I hope it goes well for you.

One thing… you mention other data fields in your dataset. Be aware that the PointGadget 2 extension only looks for a Point Number field (Col 1), 3 coordinate fields like XYZ (Cols 2,3,4), and one Label/Description field (Col 5). All other fields are ignored.


Chris, all worked like a dream, quite a slow dream as I am a beginner!