Import CSV coordinates for use in SiteVision

I have simple cartesian coordinate points (x,y,z) in a CSV file. These are to be visualised on the Trimble SiteVision augmented reality device. There is a SketchUp extension for exporting to SiteVision and adding georeferencing information. What would be the best workflow to bring CSV data into SketchUp, create points/lines/polygons/solids, edit colours and save as a SKP file (for ultimate use in SiteVision)? -thanks

Maybe @David.v.Schoonhoven knows?

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You can use the extension Point Gadget in SketchUp. With this tool you can import CSV file data into SU.
This imports the points on the right spot and from there you can create lines and even add points to it. When you drawn all your lines and info, you can make an export with the SiteVision AR Exporter to make a SU model for SiteVision.
Add the right JXL file to the folder in Connect and your model becomes visible.

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Thank you @David.v.Schoonhoven, this worked well. I used the Point Gadget 2 “Import” tool to read the points in and assign them a particular tag. I then used the “Create Linework” tool to connect the points in order. Then manually traced over the linework with new Lines to create surfaces. Then used the Paint Bucket to fill with the desired colour. The model looks good in SiteVision.

Do you think it is feasible to automate this using SketchUp’s scripting capabilities? I.e. automatically creating surfaces from the points (according to their order in the CSV file and tag), and adding colour according to the tag? (Unfortunately I’m not yet familiar with the Ruby API.)

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Great to hear that it worked! Love to see the result in SiteVision, because I’m looking for great ways to use SV.
Maybe there is a way that to automate it in SketchUp, but myself (like you) I’m not a programmer or familiar with Ruby API and stuff.

Although not automatic, have you tried using the PointGadget linework + the Sandbox “from contour” feature to create the surface? It should speed up the surface creation process


I hope this helps

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Why not update the sandbox tools and add ‘from points’?:innocent:

Here are the screenshots. (The AR view is not at its realworld location unfortunately and would be clearer on a plain background).


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Thank you @ChrisDizon

Looks great and easy to use, but do you need a license for Point Gadget?

Very nice to see that it worked!


PointGadget is a free extension