Can I enter a set of points (rather than one at a time)? And how can I get the coordinates to display correctly?

I want to be able to enter a whole bunch of points using precise coordinates, which I later connect with lines as I wish. I’m using the extension Point Gadget v2 (the only way I now of that allows me to do this). But it is very tedious entering the points one at a time.

Is there an alternative way to enter a set of points all at once?

Also, I notice that with Point Gadget, after I enter a point and then use “inspect points” to see info on what I plotted, the coordinates are different from what I entered. This happens whether I use feet or meters. How can I fix that?

If I remember correctly, Point Gadget will allow you to import a CSV file. YOu can enter the X, Y, Z coordinates of all point, import the CSV and it will create all of the points at once.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. For anyone else with this issue, what @The OnlyAaron is talking about is explained here
under “Importer & Exporter Tools” (I didn’t see it when I first installed the extension). There is also a sample .csv there showing the format.

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