Point Gadget Error Import

I am trying to import a csv file into Sketchup (2016) using Point Gadget. I worked through the dialog box and pressed the button “import csv”. I select file, but nothing happens.

Whoops, it imported it, but distributed all the points stacked on top of each other.
I can’t find an example of what an import file format should look like. Apparently I have something wrong.
Any help is appreciated

I will suggest you actually read it’s product page in the Extension Warehouse.

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Since you are on 2016, I recommend you using Point Gadget 2

A sample of a point csv can be found here

Thank you Chris for your link. I missed it when reading the product page Dan. Thank goodness there are helpful people like you to point it out.


this is my first participation in the forum.
I have a xyz table with 500 points that would like to use to create a 3D line in SketchUp Make 17 but I´m having a problem importing csv files into Point Gadget v2. I always get the message:
“Coordnates value ERROR for Point ID:101;114772.2719;25968.32125;0
Do you wish to skip and continue?
Yes No “
(Regardless the Yes/No choice, I got one message per point in the csv table).

I´ve used the format suggested by ChrisDizon and modified field formats with no success.
Has anyone else found this problem and found a solution?

I appreciate your advice.

If possible, please share the csv file here so others can examine it.

That error occurs when the code determines that one or more of the coordinate fields read from a line in the CSV line is not formatted acceptably. The check works by converting the input field String->Float->String and seeing whether any change occurs.

I wonder: does your locale use comma as the decimal point instead of period? That might affect parsing the CSV and/or the test.

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Can you share your csv so we can take a look?


I attached two files, one with 500 points and the other with only 4. Please test the smaller first. If error message pops up, you´ll have to click only 4 times.

Files were compressed because loader does not receive csv files.


elevaciones.zip (10.0 KB)

your files are incorrectly formatted. They need to be comma separated values (csv) You have a semi-colons " ; " where there should be commas " , ".

also… I noticed that the coordinates are very large. What units will you using to import? If the markers are spread over a very large area away from the model origin, you might start seeing visual anomalies where one can not see any of the points.
If other than cm, I would recommend you bring them in at a small unit and then after you find them, you will always be able to scale them back up all at once using the tape measure tool.


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(1) Your files are not CSV. They are semi-colon delimited instead of comma delimited.
Search and replace all ';' with ','.

(2) If this is a terrain mesh, your likely need a mesh importer extension.
The normal XYZ terrain mesh format uses a different unit (feet) for the Z values, than the X and Y values.
(The Point Gadget plugin assumes all 3 coordinates are in the same units.)

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Try this plugin: https://sites.google.com/site/spirixcode/code/abucatir_import.rbz

It creates c-points from your file:


After PG import and use of the “Create Linework” feature :slight_smile:

thanks so much for all answers.

Replacing semi-colons with commas did the trick. I will have to check all excel-exported csv files.

Dan these are offset UTM coordinates in meters (xyz) along a line. No mesh.

Chris I will move the decimal point a few places and scale back linework.

jimhami42, thanks for your plugin.

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I am having the same issue that Abucatir was having, but my values are comma separated so it seems to be formatted correctly and I don’t know what to do at this point.

The issue being I get an error message that says “Coordnates value ERROR for Point ID…"

I don’t know how to attach the CSV file… but it’s three columns of numbers for the X, Y, Z.

upload.zip (22 Bytes)

Here is an example

the zip file is corrupted. You might want to zip it again and re-upload


Use this csv as a comparison to yours

Total Station Point Sample.zip (1.3 KB)

Thank’s ChrisDizon, I ended up using an extention called Point Cloud Importers
by D Charlton

All is good now :slight_smile: