Import .CSV File to feed a list node

Hello Trimble Creator Team

It would be handy if you added the ability to import a .csv file, to feed a list node.
and at least a text field to paste the list as text with the detection of separators.
What do you say ?


We definitely want to support tabular data (like CSV, lists etc!). I’ll add your voice to the feedback asking for it!

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Thanks, Keith it’s the right direction ! :grinning:

Hello Keith

And if you are really convinced and motivated, add an input-file parameter node that would allow you to feed the lists directly from SketchUp without going through the graph. :rocket:

Afterwards, our little Ruby coder hands will make plugins to create csv from a selection.


  • Retrieve the list of contour points of a face,
  • Get the points of a curve
  • Recover the colors of a selection,
  • Get the dimensions of an object

Example workflow:
My component Live wooden terrace, requires to enter the points of the contour of the terrace.

  1. I draw in SketchUp the surface of the terrace.
  2. I select the surface
  3. I am using a future plugin which creates the CSV file of the face contour points.
  4. I place my live component
  5. I activate the dialog
  6. I click on the input I select my CSV file
  7. The terrace is modeled by following the graph with the points

That would be great ! :grinning:
Do you think it’s possible ?

Hello The team
A begin soluce here

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hello my friend you are the best :laughing:

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