Import ply to SketchUp Pro 2022

Hi All,
I’m trying to import a .ply file (scanned model) to SketchUp Pro 2022.
I tried using the Trimble Scan Essentials Extension but it says that the point cloud only works for SketchUp Studio. I also tried using the Skimp Extension but it says that there is no face so it is unable to import the file.
I used SiteScape to scan and merge the scan and now I’m trying to bring it to SketchUp but I don’t know any other way. Can someone please help me? Thank you.

According to your profile you have an sketchup studio subscription.
Try with Meshlab, It’s an opensource software. If you share the file I can try to convert it so you can open on sketchup.

Oh I changed to a Pro Plan but forgot to update my profile hahahaha.
I tried uploading the ply file but it seems like SketchUp Community doesn’t support a ply file…
Will I be able to import a ply file and export as a skp file in Meshlab?

Follow this steps (except the first one - CloudCompare)

It is a forum for discussions (and in which you can add external links), for file sharing there are specialized sites, such as Google Drive, Wetransfer, Dropbox, etc.

Oh right!! I didn’t think about using Google Drive.
This is the link to the Drive folder:

For the steps, it also says that there are no faces in my model…

I was able to open this with Scan Essentials.

Using Meshlab

Using CloudCompare

That didn’t work for me because I use a Pro Plan… Scan Essentials only work with a Studio Plan.

I wasn’t sure if you had tried to use it, as in you have it. Or, you didn’t have it and therefore couldn’t use it. But you wrote that you have Pro. So that’s that :slight_smile: