Scan Essentials File Import

I am trying to import (open) a point cloud generated by my Lidar scanner on my iPhone. I used Polycam to generate the file and have tried exporting to every format that Scan Essentials reads. While the import process shows progress, when complete there is nothing to be seen. I have opened the same file in MeshLab and Cloud Compare with success, but none of the formats seem to produce anything. My SketchUp License is based on my Mac, but I am using a trial version of Pro and Scan Essentials on a virtual PC running Windows 10.

Have you tried Camera > Zoom Extents (Shift + Z)?

Did you try to open other files?

Try download this PLY file - chair (5.51 MB) - and open it in Scan Essentials. See if it’s ok, it should work.

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