ArcMap LAS data to 3D Terrain Model in Sketchup

I’ve tried everything to create a 3D sketchup model from arcmap data. Every plugin, everything, I’m obviously missing something. This is probably more of an arcmap question but I thought i’d post this here too in case anyone has the solution. The dataset is huge, several acres with severe topography.

You had an interesting task, so I looked for a possible solution and was able to transfer the data from a LAS file (Lidar) to a SKP (surface) file, with Open source softwares.

From a site that offers Lidar data I downloaded a LAS file (104 MB) and after a google search I found and followed this tutorial:

and these Youtube tutorials

  • In CloudCompare I opened the LAS file (~4,000,000 points), compute the normals, created the surface and exported it as a PLY file (I got a 366 MB file).

  • In MeshLab I imported the PLY file, cleaned and simplified it from ~ 8,000,000 faces to 300,000 and I exported the mesh as OBJ file (24 MB).

  • In SketchUp, with the help of the Universal Importer plugin, I imported the OBJ file, reducing it to only 40,000 faces. After saving, a 3 MB SKP file resulted.


The Scan Essential extension will bring in LAS files and you will then be able to visualize and reference the points in SU.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look for a solution! Is the end result in a form where you can easily make faces? I should’ve been more clearer in my original post; I can get lidar into sketchup but I cant get the final product to be a model with faces.

You’re welcome!

I specified that I reached 40,000 faces in the SKP file and you can see in the screenshots.

I applied different materials on the 3D model obtained from Lidar (LAS) data


okay thank you!! Sorry I am a bit of a beginner - I will try this !!