Arcmap contours to SketchUp


Where can I find a tutorial that helps me bring ArcMap elevation contours (from LiDAR) into SketchUp? I know that it has to come through AutoCAD somehow. Thank you.


I can’t speak for ArcMap as I’m on Mac but I use QGIS, which is open source, to export shapefile data as DXF file. Then I can import that into SketchUp Pro. Note that importing of CAD files is a pro feature only.

Does that help? If you provide a bit more detail in your question as to the file you’re working with or what exactly you need to do once in SketchUp, it will help everyone provide more detailed answers.


Thanks for the help!! I’m on a Mac, too, but using Arc via Parallels. I should move over to QGIS.

My goal is to get the contours in SketchUp so I can create a 3D version of the site. I’ve built the map in ArcMap and have used the geoprocessor to create a DWG file that I have opened in CAD. That’s where I am stuck.


Have you tried importing the DWG into SketchUp?


Just tried it and it works! Thanks for helping.


Nice. I have thought about trying LiDAR from ArcMap in Sketchup, but dismissed the thought.

DWG import is really a useful idea.