ArcPro to Sketchup

Hey everyone,

I am a second year landscape architecture student, and I am looking for help importing files, specifically contour lines, from GIS software.

Is it even possible?

I have a site where the topography is key to my model’s design, and I have existing contour lines generated in ArcPro. How can I import them in a way that I could georeference them and create terrain in Sketchup? Is there a specific file format I should use? I tried using a beta shapefile importer extension. It imported the file, but it was very very distorted. I also tried exporting the contour lines as a kmz, but when I opened it in sketchUp, it popped with a failed to import error.

I have SketchUp terrain imported via the geolocation tool in SketchUp.
The real issue with this, is the terrain isn’t quite as detailed as I need. Also, I need the visual contour lines.

My site is the orange, and the blue contour lines are all I am trying to export and import in the correct geolocation in SketchUp. If I could export the entire 3D scene, that would be even better, but as far as I know, I don’t believe that is possible.

Would it be better for me to build my model on the basic terrain offered in SketchUp and then import that into ArcPro to add the detailed terrain? I would like to do a shadow study within sketchUp with the correct terrain, so that isn’t preferable. At this point, I just want it to work, so if there is a tutorial or article that would help, I would love to be pointed in that direction.


I had more photos, but it wouldn’t let me post more than one :/.

Can we assume that “ArcPro” is ArcGISPro from ESRI?

Can you export the blue contour lines out as a dxf? SketchUp Pro can import DXF and with the contour linework in SU, one can generate a TIN. If you can not export as a DXF, you might find a way to convert your KMZ/KML into a DXF. If you do a search, there are a few KML to DXF online converters.

SketchUp only supports import of collada based KMZs. I theorize that your KMZ is pure KML.

I havent played with the ESRI products recently but I believe you can bring the SU model back into your ESRI model by collada. One can take a Multipatch feature and swap it out with a collada OR one can swap out a 3D symbol with a collada as well.


Yes, I meant ArcGIS Pro.

Thanks, I will try saving it as a dxf instead. I was just using a normal kmz.

I really appreciate your quick response.