Import .shp files into SketchUp version 8 or newer?

Is it possible to import .shp files into SketchUp 8 or a newer version? I would like to import .shp files so that I can model contours.


If you are using ArcGIS you should be able to load your shp into ArcMap convert it to a dxf. The dxf can then be imported into SketchUp Pro. If you do not have ArcGIS, there may be 3rd party shp-dxf converters to help you out.

At one time, there was a shp importer plugin for SU but development on the ruby plugin seems to have stopped.
Here is the old GitHub project - It is based on the old versions of SU so I do not know if it will work with the latest versions.


Thanks Chris. I am not using ArcGis at present. I will look into the shp-dxf converters. Can dxf’s only be imported into SketchUp Pro?
I tried the enjshape but havent had any luck with it.


yes… the CAD import feature is in Pro only

Thanks for your help Chris


If you are still looking for a possible solution, check out the following workflow:

  1. Convert Shapefile to KML
  1. Convert KML to DXF
  1. Import DXF into SketchUp.

I hope this helps


Many thanks Chris I was

This extension will import shapefiles in v14 and v15. At this point, it will only accept points and polylines, and the shapefiles must be in WGS 1984 Geographic Coordinates. The model also must be geo-located.

Thank you blipscomb!

QGIS can both open shapfiles and dxf as well as import and export both and convert from one to the other; among many other GIS related things…
Oh, and it is free/opensource