DXF sketchUp make


I am new to SketchUp and downloaded SU Make v.15.1.106. Earlier versions(v.6) apparently allowed to import DXF files by adding a file into the Plugin folder. Is it possible to do that with the latest version? My google search revealed No. If that is true, is there any other way to import shape files to SU Make?


Beginning with SketchUp version 8, DWG and DXF import / export is a SketchUp Pro only feature.

You could export from your other application as a SKP, or DAE file ?

Or you may find a 3rd party DXF importer plugin that would work with SketchUp Make.


Also there is a free STL import/export plugin by the SketchUp Team in the Extension Warehouse.

Perhaps export from your other application as STL ?


Some DXF import plugins.