SketchUp Make importing dxf files



Is there a plugin that i can get to import dxf files? my pro trial just expired and I want to keep using it but I have no use for it if i can’t import dxf files. I don’t use it enough or professionally to justify paying for it. does anyone know of a free dxf to skp converter? I haven’t found one yet.

or if anyone is willing to convert this to a .skp file that would be so awesome :slight_smile:
savior.dxf (399.1 KB)


There is a free dxf importer on Sketchucation.
Savior.skp (62.9 KB)


I have the same problem. I have SketchUp Make. I just downloaded the free dxf importer from Sketchucation, but I don’t know how to use it. I’m having trouble finding tutorials for this. It seems like all the videos are for SketchUp Pro. Anywone know a good place where this is explained?


Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension…” and select the RBZ file.

FreeDXF Importer

Please note FreeDXF may throw away data that it does not know how to handle. If you are looking for perfect file exchange, FreeDXF is not it.


Yep, I am working on a way to at least show a summary report on what has failed and why.


So does the built-in iDWG/DXF importer in SketchUp Pro, too



as do more or less all DXF/DWG importers of all CAx applications w/ unsupported entity types with no equivalence in the destination application… but everything depends on the amount of dropped entities even with entity types supported by the destination application… or could be converted to something at least displayable.