Import dwg or dxf files in sketchup make


My sketchup pro 30 days trial has expired and now I have downloaded sketchup make. How do I import dwg or dxf files in sketchup make? or do i have to convert the file in some other format?

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Hello @samiksha461991

Check out this help article for import options into SketchUp.

ACAD (.dwg, .dxf) - Is a Pro only feature.

You would have to buy SketchUp Pro for that functionality or look at the other import options (in the link above) that SketchUp Make supports and use one of those.



I have a 2D aluminum extrusion die drawing saved as a .dxf file. Was able to import it into sketch up, and make a component out of it; but I cannot push/pull it. How do I get it to act like a rectangle? Do I have to redraw in sketchup? The objective is to pull it up to a height of 2" in sketchup, save it as a .stl file, and 3D print it as a sample.


Jim Foltz has a DXF importer in the Sketchucation Plugin store. Not perfect, but the description says it handles ‘most’ DXF entity types.

Search for DXF at

However, that may not be your problem if you have already imported the DXF file.

If you can’t push pull it, then either it isn’t all in one plane, or it has small gaps at corners, or it has a closed loop of edges but no face.

If it is coplanar and is a closed loop, draw a line across it from edge to edge, or redraw one of the edges carefully picking endpoints, and Sketchup will make a face.

Post the SKP file for someone to have a look at - use the 7th button above your post to upload the file here


If it is a component, double-click it to enter into it’s editing context.
Click clear space outside the component to exit back to the parent (model) context. (or right-click and choose “Close Component”.)