Sketchup Shop how to import dxf

I just signed up for Sketchup Shop and am having trouble importing dwg and dxf files. This is why I purchased the program. All the directions I have found say to go to File<import but since the online version doesnt have a File options this info is useless.

I finally figured out how to open the side panel and found the Import/Export option (not sure what to call this flyout). I did a drag and drop of both files into the panel which seemed to work. The dwg kept showing an error but the dxf seemed successful. I then clicked on the Import icon and the Move cursor showed up in my drawing but no ammount of clicking seems to place the dxf in my model.

Any help will be much appreciated. Is there a manual/infor/how to use section? I cant find much about Shop. I bought this version because I need to import AutoCad drawings. if it doesn’t work have I wasted my money?

There’s some useful information in the link below for SketchUp Shop, how to import and what you need to know about such things as ignored entities etc. The answer might be somewhere in there.

Many users on the forum including me don’t have Shop so I imagine are pretty blindfolded. What I do think is strange is that you have the Move tool activated when you import. I don’t know whether that’s the norm or not, but it doesn’t happen in Pro, the DXF is placed at the model space origin or using the original drawing origin that comes in with the DXF.

Have the select tool activated when you import, also try unchecking “preserve drawing origin” before the import. See if that makes a difference.

If you cant see the DXF try pressing SHIFT+Z to zoom the extents of the model into the window. You might be zoomed in or out too far to see the import that possibly might be there.

Just a few ideas.

A little handy thing I just learned from someone sitting near me: if there’s geometry in your model when you import, the imported model gets placed under the move tool cursor. If there’s no geometry when you import, it’s placed at the origin.

Thanks, after yelling and fuming I zoomed far out and found the imports placed way off in the distance. I was clicking on the axis point and thought the vectors of my dxf would be placed there. I still can’t figure out how to get the image to import at the correct scale though.

Marie Haines

Aw, the Josh figure was in the drawing so that might of done it.

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