Install Plugin DxF importer

Hi folks,

I’m a rookie with SU. I’ve been trying to install plugin for DXF Importer. I found one plugin for the job in Ruby depot which goes by DXF In. But it seems to live without maintenance even the installation guide did not make sense, which is the same to that of provided in SketchUp Help center.

I need help to either installing DXF In.rb into my SU Make 17.2.2554 or suggest an alternative to DXF In in the form of extension/plugin. Actually, hours of wandering lead me to a plugin called Jim: FreeDXF but have no clue to install it either.

One folk in neighboring SU forum said starting 2016 DXF import only available in SU Pro. Wanna make sure if this is for real.


DXF import is provided as a built-in only in SketchUp Pro. However, there are several extensions available that can do it in Make. Try doing a search on the sketchucation plugin store. Jim’s extension is there, as well as others.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Having visiting the link, I came across to DXF import plugin which comes in rbz and load it right away with extension manager. However, the plugin doesn’t install very well in SU, I receive message that goes as follows

Error Loading File Dxf_In_v2.2.rb
Error: #<SyntaxError: /Users/hoferdyzawani/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Plugins/Dxf_In_v2.2.rb:306: formal argument cannot be an instance variable
ramFile.each do |@line| #search for entities @line by @line

Should you aware of how to address the issue, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.


Uninstall the one you installed and install Jim’s Free DXF iImporter.

The error report indicates a Ruby programming mistake in the extension’s code. This could be because the code has not been kept up to date with the Ruby version used in SketchUp. Until the author updates the code, there is little the rest of us can do except, as @DaveR suggests, try a different importer that has been kept up to date. I’ve used Jim’s recently and it worked for me.

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